Play Poker

Play Poker

Poker may be one of the most famous casino games played online because various social media and online gaming sites offer the game for free. While these are meant to be enjoyed by friends, people hooked on the game can make a career out of their enjoyment by playing professional poker in online poker sites.

Different sites offer casino games that can become both a pastime and a profession. Web sites such as PokerStars, PartyPoker, and offer visitors a chance to take part in the growing world of online casino.

Mr. Green Casino is a leading online casino in Britain offering a huge selection of games from baccarat to the popular game of poker. The site is modern and classy reminiscent of a location-based casino. Providing a safe and secure encryption of member information, Mr. Green Casino is an excellent site to get into the action.

The surge in popularity of poker is also partly accredited to the profusion of television shows and celebrities getting hooked on the game. Games on social media and other recreational sites have also contributed to people's interest in the game of poker.

play pokerWith the advancement of online gaming, more and more people would rather spend their leisure time in the comforts of their home than going to a joint or casino to play a chance-based game. The availability of reliable web sites and downloadable applications make it possible for people to get hooked without leaving their houses.

Poker is a good game enjoyed by many people and can be interesting when played with friends. When the game involves betting, poker requires a good deal of strategy and intense skills to rule the game.

How to Play Poker

Depending on the number of people and the complexity of the game, poker is commonly played with a standard deck of cards. Variants can be played by using multiple packs or adding a few cards which are considered as jokers.

The deck is ranked from high to low with the ace being ranked as either high or low, depending on the game, although it is normally considered to have a high rank. Suits comprise of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. All players have 5 cards also called as hands and the one with the highest hand wins the game.

A poker game can have a wild card which can be from the suit or rank. Jokers are commonly used as wildcards and sometimes the game will dictate, which are the wildcards like when there are deuces or one-eyed jacks. Wildcards are used to stand for another card a player chooses. When the game has wild cards, having that card allows a player to declare which card it stands for.

How Hands are Ranked

Poker hands are ranked in several ways. Five of a kind is the highest and high card is the lowest. To be a good poker player one must understand the basics as it can be the best way to rank up on the game.

Five of a kind is the highest hand and is only possible when the game involves wildcards. It beats a royal flush. Between players with five of a kind, the one with the highest hand beats the one with the lower hand. Having five aces beats every other player as it is the highest hand.

A straight flush is the highest poker hand when there are no wildcards. When a player has five cards of the same suit in the sequence of Jack, 10-9-8-7. Ace is considered low if the straight flush suit sequence follows as 5-4-3-2, Ace, where 5 is the highest and not the Ace. Royal flush is the highest kind of straight flush which follows a suit of A-K-Q-J-10

Often called as "quads", four of a kind happens when a player has the same ranks in a row such as having 4 kings. The fifth card is considered as the kicker and can stand for anything. The kicker can be a deciding factor if all players have four of a kind.

A full house is a combination of three cards of one rank and two cards of the same rank. When considering full houses, the three cards with the same rank determines which of the player has the higher set.

Flush is a hand with 5 cards of the same suit although not necessarily in sequence. When two players have a flush, the one with the highest ranked cards is declared as the winner.

A straight is when 5 cards are in order although not in the same suit. When there is a straight tie, the player with the highest straight wins the game.

High Card is the lowest hand and happens when nobody gets any of the other hands. When nobody gets a better hand, the winner is determined by the person who has the highest card.

Betting in a poker game is normally done in a clockwise rotation and can be made with 3 choices that have to be called out. A call is used to call a bet. To make a call is to match the amount put in by the previous player during the betting.

Raising happens when a player wants to increase the amount of the opening bet. When a player raises the bet, it signifies that he has a strong hand or is calling a bluff to win the pot immediately.

To fold out of the game is to drop out of the current hand without betting money into the pot. Betting carries forward until a player calls or folds subsequent to a raise or the starting bet.

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