How to Play Baccarat: A Playing Guide

One of the most popular Asian game that is played in online or land-based casinos is the Baccarat. The game became more popular when it was featured in a James Bond film. It became a favorite also because of the fact that its house edge is 1.06 %, making the chances of winning higher. As a matter of fact, this game is almost similar with roulette, but do not be fooled since it is not that easy. This how to play baccarat guide will make you more acquainted with the play and some things to remember when betting.

Playing this game starts with choosing where you want to bet on first, then the cards will be dealt. There is no need for you to do a hit, raise or stand because you will just place your bet and you will see if you win or lose after the dealing. How to play baccarat sound easy with this but it is a tricky one, honestly. The game works with two hand beings dealt, and the higher hand wins. The member of the hand is called as "banker" while the other is the "player". But sometimes, they call it as simple as Hand 1 and Hand 2. Take note that any gamer in the table can bet on the "player" side because this is just a way of differentiating a hand from another.

There is no busting in how to play baccarat because the only number that is counted is the last digit of the total. For example, if the first has 10 and 5, you will get 15, but the digit number 5 will be the basis of comparison, while if the second has 8 and 2, you will get 10, but the number of comparison will be 0, making the Hand 1 the winner.

Another thing to keep in mind is to know the house edge between the sides. Most of the time, the "banker" has 1.06% edge while the "player" has 1.24% edge. This concludes that betting on the "banker is the best decision you will make. Keep in mind that the banker will keep track of the commission and you will pay it when the session of the game is oven. Do not be saddened about this payment because with the "bankeR" you can assure multiple wins than betting on the "player" side.

Playing baccarat seems easy with its little rules and choices of gamble. But what makes this a challenging game is your downfall is just between two decisions, making everything crucial.