Real Money Chess and Skill Based Casino Games

Chess is a very popular skill based game, but one that is very difficult when it comes to online gambling for real money. On this page of our site we are going to look at the difficulties there are in enforcing gambling laws when it comes to real money chess and why it might be easier to play for free. We are also going to talk about how cheating is a big occurrence when playing for cash prizes and the other real money skill based games that are available to players.

Difficult to Enforce

Real money chess sounds like heaven for those with knowledge and skills, but the fact of the matter is, it just doesn't work online. It's too difficult to enforce the rules of the game and there are so many chess programs that you can use to simulate the expert levels of play. All you have to do is purchase a decent chess simulator and put the other players moves into it and you get all your moves delivered to you.

Chess is a game of strategy and one that you need to learn. Some people spend a lifetime mastering the game. There's no strategy or hidden information that you can use and all you have to go on is the intention of your opponent. It is not a game of chance and everything you need is found on the board in front of you. It is a game that you have to learn and if you do want to play chess for real money you can. There are chess tournaments available around the world that offer significant cash prizes and you can have your own private games with real money wagers too.

If however, you want to play chess online for real money, this is where things get a little more difficult. The biggest problem facing real money players online is that it is just way too easy to cheat and get help from outside programs. No one can see what you're doing and there is no way to stop it. To combat this, you'll find it very difficult to find a site where you can play chess for real money.

Free is Easier

To avoid the trouble that comes with playing for real money you can play chess online for free. There are lots of free chess sites that you can sign up with and many of these host their own tournaments and keep track of your rankings. There is no money involved but if you are looking to hone your skills, practice, socialize, or take part in competitions, these free chess sites are perfect.

Cheating at Online Chess is a Big Occurrence

It is so easy to cheat at online chess and it happens all the time. In fact, computer programmers have already solved the game of chess and you can find sites that will tell you exactly what move to make depending on your opponents move. Even simple games like Chessmaster can have high levels and if you set the game to the most difficult level you'll have a digital opponent who can be master chess players.

This is what makes it so easy to cheat in online chess games. All you have to do is open a program like Chessmaster and set it to difficult and then put your opponents moves into the game. The software will then give you back the best moves that you can make and all you have to do is use them in your real money game. No one can prove you are doing it.

There are some sites that have a workaround for this and insist that players install software the prevents outside programs from running on your computer. The problem with this however, is that you could just use a different computer to run the chess software.

The only way to play chess and ensure that someone isn't cheating is to play in person. Of course, this isn't an issue at free chess websites because people aren't there to cheat, but to improve their skills and they take the game seriously. It is only when money is added to the equation that cheating becomes a problem.

Other Real Money Options

If you would like to play skill based games for real money there are a number of alternatives to chess. You can play online poker or blackjack at many of the top online casinos. Poker is a game that requires skill and you can play online for real money too. There are hundreds of poker tournaments and if you have the skills you can make quite a lot of money. Cheating isn't a problem either because every player has a different approach to the game and you can play against multiple opponents at the same time. There is a slight element of chance, as in what cards you are dealt, but in the long term, poker is a game of skill and it is only the best players who consistently win real money. You can play free poker games online too where you can practice different strategies and technique and learn everything you need to know before you play for real money too.

Another option is real money blackjack. Again this is a skill based game and your goal is to get a score of 21 or less and beat the dealer. This table game is often called 21 and if you play at an online casino you'll find plenty of variations including progressive blackjack where you can win life changing sums of money. There are even live dealer blackjack games that you can play on your desktop or mobile with real professional dealers too. For real money skill based games Canada has the most legal casinos online casinos online with the best free blackjack and poker bonuses too.