Playing Chess in Central Park

Playing chess in Central Park is more than a pastime because this game is one of the New Yorkers' established and popular traditions. Central Park is the ideal place to have tournaments or to have some get along games for people in New York.

It is true that the Central Park offers a lot of place to hold board games but inside this wonder park is the Chess and Checkers House wherein several visitors around the city and nearby places have the full enjoyment of the play and ambiance. Chess and Checkers House is the only establishment inside the Central Park wherein they allow players to borrow pieces for a match. The place offers 24 tables for chess games and a peaceful ambiance that envied rustic and calm atmosphere. Chess and Checkers House do not only gives you a humble yet peaceful game of chess in Central Park because a helpful staff can look for another player when you come alone for a match.

Chess and Checkers House do not only hold matches because during Saturdays, they hold lectures that concern strategy and technique where they can apply when they face some of the grand master players inside the House. Be minded that the play with the experts are only limited for the first 30 people, but having a match with the best players comes with free charge.

Chess and Checkers House is a good place inside the central park to have chess games as pastimes or form of socialization. Also, playing inside the House can increase your knowledge of chess as you play with other players and enjoy the calming ambiance.